Chromecast Setup | How to Install Chromecast Apps on your TV, Smartphone & PC

Chromecast is the excellent-value video streaming dongle by Google that can turn any dumb TV into a Smart one. The steps for Chromecast Setup has been explained below that can get your device up and running to start downloading and installing apps to Chromecast. It is really very easy to setup the Chromecast and keeps downloading and installing apps with ease.

It allows you to stream videos and even download games from Play Store which you can enjoy playing on the larger screen of your TV by using your Smartphone as the controller. You can also mirror your Android device simply by launching the Google Home App and selecting the Cast audio/video from the menu and then choose the Chromecast from the list.

How to Setup Google Chromecast for TV, Smartphone and PC

Google Chromecast is the popular and affordable video streaming dongle available today, and not to mention, one of the best indeed. But, before you start downloading and streaming everything that the internet has to offer with your Chromecast, it is necessary to get your dongle up and running efficiently. The Google Chromecast Setup process is quite intuitive and simple, but if you find difficulty in setting up the device and running, then here is a step by step guide for you to make things simpler and easier for you.

Although the design of Chromecast has been changing ever since Google first launched the product, but the setup instructions for Chromecast are always the same. You need to follow the below steps to turn any TV with HDMI port into a Smart TV.

Requirements for Chromecast Setup:

The basic requirements for Chromecast Setup are

Television set with HDMI port

USB Port or ability to plug in USB cable to the main adaptor near to the TV

The TV must connect over Wi-Fi

Remote Control device

Step 1: The Chromecast by Google usually have its own HDMI connector and short HDMI extension cable which you are required to use based on the location of HDMI port on TV. The latest models of Chromecast come with longer HTML dongle, so you are not likely to use the extension. The latest models can be connected directly to the TV and it is powered in the same way. Now plug in the Chromecast into the HDMI port on TV either by the extension or directly on the port available on TV.

Step 2: The second step to Setup Chromecast is to connect the dongle and switch on the TV. Check if the TV detects the Chromecast and ensure that the dongle is inserted into the right input. Now, you need to use the remote control of the TV to choose the HDMI input and check if the TV detects the device.

Step 3: The third step is to download the Home App of Google by visiting the official website at on the device where you will be using the dongle. To complete the downloading of the Home App you need to tick the boxes of terms of services and ensure that the TV is connected to your local network via Wi-Fi.

Step 4: Now once the downloading of the Home App is over, you need to choose the devices icon available at the right top of the Google Home App. Once you tap on the icon it will start searching for all available casting hardware on the network. It will find all the available hardware and provide you with the list. You are required to select the Chromecast from the list and tab on “Setup Chromecast” and click “Continue”.

Step 5: A unique code will pop up on the screen of your phone. You are required to tally the code with the one that appears on the screen of the TV. Now tap I “See the Code” and press “Continue”.

Step 6: In the process of Chromecast Extension, you also have the authorization to change the name of your Chromecast dongle to something that is memorable for you easily or to anything else. After changing the name of the dongle, you need to click “Continue”.

Step 7: Now you need to choose the Wi-Fi network and press the “Continue” button. The Chromecast dongle will automatically connect to the internet through the network you have selected. In the process, you can also download and install the latest updates online. You need to follow the instructions and prompts to login to the Chromecast with your Google Account and complete the process of Chromecast Setup.

Chromecast Not Working | How to Fix Chromecast Errors on TV, Android & PC

Chromecast not working: For live streaming services on the big screen, you can go for the chrome cast services which are available both for the laptop as well as PC. When it comes to the smooth functioning of this app, there is no technical glitch observed by the users. But often you will come across an annoying Chromecast not working error which shelves down your entertainment plan.

There are many issues which can pop up while you are using this tool for a valuable entertainment experience. When something prevents your chromecast not found from working properly there are surely some problems involved in that. To resolve these problems, you need to keep in mind the troubleshooting tips which are stated below.

Types of errors in chromecast functioning:

There are some common sorts of error which can be encountered if you are working on chrome:

  • Another possibility is that, you may have received a defective device
  • If you have trouble in setting up other guest modes
  • Issues related with casting apps on TV from devices
  • Problems related to setting up of tool
  • While using a Chrome cast, you may also see an error message

There could be some other reasons besides the above ones.

Some basic facts about the OS of your device being casted:

You should also check which operating system you are using on your device from the list below:

  • OSX
  • Windows (8/8.1)
  • Windows 7 or Vista
  • Win 10

Some issues are created owing to the problems associated with the operating system as well and it you know well about OS of your device, you can resolve the problem in a quick time.

Chromecast Setup - Conclusion:

​So, you are done with the process of Chromecast Setup and hence you can start streaming videos using your Chromecast. There are many applications available that support casting and to start streaming you simply need to tap on the “Cast” icon present on the home page. Hopefully, this step by step tutorial would help you to Setup Chromecast on your TV and allow you streaming videos with ease.​

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